Wellness Events

Get Over Yourself Retreat

The creative retreat took place in the Florida keys and connected female doctors, nurses and educators with creatives. Over the weekend the group played with movement and music. Participants began to recast themselves out of their past roles as the tireless healers during a global pandemic.. In this retreat they met their past and future selves, created a short comedy  film titled “COVID Rehab'' and took ocean walks. Participants communed with nature and met their flowing future selves. The finale was that of a newly formed creative collective of healthcare professionals.

Miami Sheroes

Miami Sheroes is a group of Miami Women and supportive MEN who unite the community to celebrate the HEART of Miami. They asked Miami's Passionately Ethical businesses to join forces to help shower Miami citizens with LOVE. Over 20 businesses were brought together to commit this act of kindness.

Dawn Price

Women Playing Hamlet

Kripalu and New Theatre collaborated a staged reading about an actress who has just been cast in the role of HAMLET. The question of, “to be or not to be” hits on many levels and as we follow the actress through her journey.
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Power Bitches

Power Bitches morphed from a workshop on the actors’ approach to getting out of character and tapping into core creative/sensual powers to a full-on theatrical experience that uses the art of storytelling and comedic improv acting to expose each of the participants’ most intense recollections and then transform them with support of comedic improvised sketches performed by the other members of the group.

Adopt a Classroom/Miami's Got Class

Miami’s Got Class was a storyization Taylor created for the 10th anniversary of Adopt A Classroom, a nonprofit that provides funding for K-12 schools around the country. Susie was the Event Director for Adopt A Classroom. She worked with Miami’s Got Class and Keegan-Michael Key, Nedra Gallegos and they improv where they celebrated teachers who changed people’s lives in the Miami Design District.

Hope for Vision Live

Inspired by her best friend who has a rare genetic condition that causes vision loss, Susie gathered the Miami art community and created a Saturday Night Live style event in North Miami beach. With the help of Keegan-Michael Key, they brought humor and information about vision loss as a way to gain community awareness for the organization.